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It's time for Tea!

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

Way too often do I encounter students who add a "T" at the end of present tense verbs that use the Je/Tu pronoun. To correct this, I've used the expression "Je et tu n'aiment pas le T" and sloppily written it on the board so that they can see it.

I was on maternity leave when creating this resource, but got to thinking about the goals I had for my class in the Fall and the things I wanted to work on to improve their Reading, Writing, Oral Communication. Thinking about the verb conjugation problem prompted me to come up with an attractive visual reference that I can keep on the walls somewhere in my classroom to help the students remember the cute pun, along with common verbs that take an "s" or an "x" on the end and not a "t".

I'm happy to share it all with you for download HERE, and so very excited to post it on my own classroom wall come September. Enjoy!

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